LED Tubes, Florescent replacement
LED Tubes, Florescent replacement
LED Tube Dreiver 90v to 240v AC
LED Tubes, Florescent replacement
Basic Technical Information
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LED Count
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4950 +- 5%
4950 +- 5%
4950 +-5%
4950 +-5%
Other Features and Functions
Working Temperature:  -31 F to +145 F  
Working Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz   
Lamp Length: 6'  - 69.13 inches pin to pin
Lamp Diameter: 30mm  
Average Rated LIfe: 50,000 hours to 80,000 hours   
Driver Voltage Range: 90v to 140v or 200v to 280v   
Limited 2 years warranty
28 Watt 6' LED Tube Lamps HO and Bi-Pin
Replace your existing energy hogs with High quality LED tubes. Save money,
save energy and Save environment

Direct replacement for T12 and T8
Florescent Tube
No new fixtures needed
No Balast needed
Reduces impact of carbon foot print
Replace your balast with the provided driver

Operate in Cold Environment
Temperature range from -31F to +145 F
Reduced heat by 80%
Reduced Refrigeration duty cycle 3 times

No Mercury
No mercury in the tube
No hazardous material handling

Longer Lamp Life 50,000 to 80,000
Reduced maintenance cost for lamps
Zero maintenance cost for Balasts
Less storage needed for replacement lamps
Less storage needed fro replaced lamps

Acrylic Casing
Less breakage
Eliminates hazardous material handling
2' LED Tubes
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6' LED Tubes
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LED & Solar
Street Lights
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High Power LED Street Lights
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