Fan Thermostat
These thermostats can switch up to 22 amps at
120 VAC and they work fine for up to 10 amps at
12 or 24 VDC. Use them with DC fans to turn the
fans on or off as temperature changes. They
mount in a standard 2" x 4" electrical box. The
attic fan thermostat has single pole contacts that
close (turn fan on) as temperature rises. Its
adjustment range is 90ºF to 130ºF. When the
thermostat reaches the turn-on temperature, it
must fall by 15ºF before it will turn off.
The heat/cool thermostat has double throw
contacts, so it can be used to turn a fan on as the
temperature rises or as it falls, depending on how
it is wired. Its range is 50ºF to 90ºF and its
differential is 2ºF.
SOS Part # 085-08036
Attic Fan Thermostat
Price $35
SOS Part # 085-08032
Heating & Cooling Thermostat
Price $35.00
Fan Speed Control Thermostat
Picture not
Fan Speed Controller
If you are using a fan on 12 volts, you can increase
air movement and power consumption with the
085-09169 control, which takes 12 volts input and
steps it up to 24 volts. At 24 volt you can almost
double the air movement.
The 24-volt input control is for use on 24-volt battery
systems only. Maximum 1.5 amps.
SOS Part # 085-09169
Speed Controller 12 volt in
/0~24 Volt out... Price $93.00
SOS Part # 085-09170
Speed Controller 24 volt in
/0~24 Volt out... Price $45.00
Fan Voltage Controller
These ceilings fans are designed to work either directly with Solar
Panels or power provided by a Battery. 12,  24 or 48 Volt DC operation.
SOS Part # 085-07232
12 Volt 12" 124C Price $172.00
SOS Part # 085-07236
12 Volt 20" 302 Price $290.00
SOS Part # 085-07234
12 Volt 12" 124P Price $172.00
The two-speed Freedom Fan is quiet and efficient. Made in the USA, these rugged fans provide a refreshing
breeze anywhere you have 12 volt power. Place it on the floor, on a table and tilt to any angle, or mount it on

Model 124 uses only 1.25 amps at low speed and 3 amps at high speed. It has a 12" fan blade protected by a
durable plastic housing. C version has battery clips and P version has a cigarette lighter plug.

Model 302 has a PWM speed control and draws 4 amps at the highest setting. It has a 20" fan blade and a
cigarette lighter plug and comes with an adapter for direct connection to battery terminals.
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